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About GorillaCoin

Who are we?

Gorilla Coin was made with one overarching goal: to make a difference in this world through the means of crypto. Too many projects launch every day that serve no purpose. The utilities are ubiquitous and are generally used to fatten the developer’s wallet, while the dedicated community gets hurt. Here at Gorilla Coin, we want to change that culture. Our mission is to cater to our community, giving them fun utilities and a safe place to invest. All while aiding in the survival of Gorillas, an endangered species in today’s world.

In doing so, we can alter the current perspective some hold on crypto, inspiring developers to create tokens that give investors an opportunity to make money while being a part of a cause.

How Will Donation Funds Be Generated?

The main source of funding to be donated to charities will be through our taxation system, where a certain percentage of each transaction will go to our donation wallet. However, that is not the only way we will be generating those funds. We plan on creating NFT’s in which a percentage of the price to mint will be used as donation funding. Further, the donation wallet address will be made available for anyone that would like to make a direct donation, with forms for those that would like to make their contribution public. Of course, you can stay anonymous if you would like.

Why GorillaCoin?


GorillaCoin has a 2% tax on buy and sells that go directly to a wallet to make donations. Donation funds will also come from the selling of the NFT's.


You guys will play a big part in a lot of aspects of GorillaCoin. Whether that be community votes on charity foundations to donate to, taxes or whatever else may come.

100% SAFE

We are a known team who has grown the respect and trust of many people in this space. In addition, we will have an audit done.


Buy/Sell Tax

Liquidity Tax

4% of every transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool. This will help create a stronger floor.

Project Tax

6% of every transaction is automatically swapped to BNB and sent to the project wallet. This will primarily be used for marketing, but will also be used for development, listings, additional charitable donations, etc.

Charity Tax

2% of every transaction is automatically swapped to BNB and sent to the charity wallet. This wallet will only be used to make charitable donations.

How to Buy

▶ Download Wallet Apps

On Desktop
Download the official Metamask extension for Google Chrome from and follow the steps to create an account.

On Mobile
Download the official TrustWallet app from for your mobile device.

Don't forget to save your recovery phrase and never share it with anyone

▶ Purchase BNB on exchange

Purchase on Exchange such as Binance.com. You will need this BNB to purchase your GorillaCoin (GCOIN). Once you have obtained your BNB send it to your wallet address as BNB BEP20.

▶ Visit Pancakeswap

Visit pancakeswap.finance connect your wallet, click swap. Select BNB as the top option and paste our contract address (0x10Bc992e6f87d3A9b0c8a3689e0576e92919090E) into the bottom selection.

GorillaCoin NFT Collection


These NFT's are not just going to be pieces of art but are going to be utilized in many ways. Holders of these NFT's will receive reduced buy taxes on the native Gorilla Coin token. Holders of this gen of NFT's will also be eligible for whitelist on the future NFT's.


20% of the NFT sales will go directly into the Charity wallet which will be used to make donations. By buying an NFT you are contributing to the charitable aspect of the Gorilla Coin ecosystem.


By holding the first generation of NFT's you will be eligible for whitelist to the future generations of NFT's. Future generations of NFT's will be implemented into the Gorillaverse. As well, with future generations we will be partnering with Zoo's, Sanctuaries and other Conservation Areas to provide NFT holders with discounts to said places.

Mint NFT


Phase 1

✅ Team Formation
✅ Whitepaper Release
✅ Smart Contract Testing
✅ Roadmap Creation
✅ Website Launch
✅ NFT Launch
✅  Pancakeswap Launch

Phase 2

☐ Initial Community Building
☐ 1000 Telegram Members
☐ 500 Holders
☐ Influencer Marketing
☐ Marketing Campaigns
☐ Community Competitions/Giveaways
☐ $10,000 Donated

Phase 3

☐ GorillaSwap Released
☐ P2E Avatar NFT Showcase
☐ P2E Avatar NFT Sales
☐ Bigger Marketing campaigns
☐ Bigger Influencers
☐ 2000 Telegram Members
☐ 1000 Holders
☐ Utility Introduction
☐ Contract Audit
☐ P2E game development
☐ CoinGecko Application and Listing
☐ $50,000 Donated

Phase 4

☐ Land NFT Showcase
☐ Land NFT Sales
☐ Partnerships
☐ CMC application and listing
☐ Exchange Listings
☐ P2E Game released
☐ Continuous Development of New Utilities
☐ Poocoin Ads , Dextools, Crypto.com Trending
☐ GorillaDEX
☐ $100,000 Donated

Link to Dian Fossey's Gorilla Fund

Gorilla's We Have Adopted

Direct donations are always great, but there's also other ways we can help support Gorillas. This is through adoptions, every so often we will ask the community to come together to decide what Gorilla's we should adopt. Through adoptions we can directly see the Gorilla's we will be helping and get to know them.

Ishavu and Karame

Ishavu was born on July 8, 2001, after joining a group of silverbacks the previous alpha Gorilla passed away. Ishavu stepped up to fill the role as the alpha. Since the beginning of his reign, Ishavu has been the only adult male of the group, he is the father of two infant Gorillas, including Karame.

Karame was born on October 25, 2018, Karame was the first infant born into the group and is Ishavu's first son. Karame has a great personality and loves his mother - especially her cuddles. He enjoys following his father as he learns the skills to one day become a great silverback.

Image of Ishavu and Karame